Dom Perignon Rose 2004 in Gift Box (1.5L Magnum)


Dom Perignon Rose requires a unique savoir-faire: to integrate the richness of Pinot Noir while remaining faithful to the style and maintaining the balance. Dom Perignon Rose requires a longer maturation, 9-10 years in the cellars vs 7-8 years for the blanc.


The full-bodied ease of the 2004 vintage will leave its mark on the history of Dom Perignon. In stark contrast to the previous year, the vines experienced steady, problem-free vegetative growth, with abundant, sizable grape clusters. There were no weather extremes during most of the season – even the month of August was rather cool. It was the dry heat of the final weeks that made the vintage what it is. The harvest of the mature, healthy crop began on September 24.


On the nose: The nose sings out loud and clear, beginning with fresh, intense red fruit: redcurrants and wild strawberries, complemented by warm notes of ripe hay, blood orange and cocoa.

On the palate: The attack is smooth and embracing, but it is the impression of precision that dominates in the end. The wine’s chiseled integrity, intense and penetrating, is prolonged with the unexpected hint of green citrus that marks the vintage.


Dom Perignon Rose pairs beautifully with seafood and fish such as lobster, salmon, and tuna; and meats such as veal, lamb, and duck. It also pairs well with cheeses such as brie and goat cheese, vegetables such as fennel, carrots, and eggplant, and fresh herbs including basil, sage, and cumin.

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