Bellavista Teatro alla Scala 2016


Dedicated to the legendary Opera House, to which the company has a great affinity and draws its inspiration, this is the best expression of the vintage and the Bellavista style. The grapes that make up this great cuvée, predominantly Chardonnay plus some Pinot Nero, are the highest possible quality and stem from a painstaking selection within individual vineyards


An unusual year. The long spring was characterized by short, light showers. The summer was mild. with the snow capping the pre-Alps longer than usual. Flowering and ripening occurred in perfect sunlight and wind conditions, with nighttime temperatures below 17°c.


On the eye: Deep straw yellow in color, it has a very fine and persistent perlage, presaging the fragrances that seem to embody the quintessence of the Bellavista style.

On the nose: The floral notes of hawthorn are generous and elegant, while more unpredictable balsamic laurel follows, joined later by candied citrus and dainty pastries.

On the palate: The mouthfeel is simultaneously dense, bold, aristocratic and creamy. The finish is magnificent in its pristine neatness and flavor.


Varietals: 76% Chardonnay, 24% Pinot Nero

Appellation: Franciacorta D.O.C.G.

Aging: Aged in small white oak casks

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