Billecart-Salmon 'Cuvee Elisabeth Salmon' Rose 2007


Created as a tribute to the co-founder Elisabeth Salmon, this cuvee distinguishes itself through its intensity of beautiful and elegant flavors. This great, rare and sought after wine, subtly offers the signature of top Pinot Noir and Chardonnay terroirs that have been carefully mastered from an exceptional harvest.


On the eye: With soft, shimmering reflections and a sustained pink hue, this seductive blend has a radiant brilliance.

On the nose: There is a refreshing sensorial expression of citrus peel and red berry jelly. With the exquisite sensation of a rich and complex aromatic generosity (antique roses, cherries and white peaches). Lovely olfactive notes respectfully soften the distinctive perfume of wild strawberries and scented soft spices.

On the palate: A measured strength which is delicate and charming at the same time, and with a harmonious maturing of flavors (mandarin, blood orange and Reinette apple tart). An ample and pure character in the mouth unveiling a chalky edge and a persistent finish of lightly candied citron.


This great wine, with its extreme finesse, is a sign of the delicate personality of its textures and flavors. An aromatic charm with a rare mineral dimension, marries well with beautiful creamy poultry, in particular poulet de Bresse or Breton langoustines royales.

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