Billecart-Salmon Le Clos Saint-Hilaire 2003 in Gift Box


The Clos Saint-Hilaire is a single parcel where the vines, soil and subsoil are carefully tended with respect for the environment. Several years ago, Billecart-Salmon decided to return to ancestral champagne-making methods in the Clos Saint-Hilaire by using work horses.

This method of maintaining the soil and tending the vines increases porosity and biodiversity: the roots grow deep and the minerals they draw from the soil foster the growth of smaller, more concentrated grapes, revealing the terroir's typical flavor.


On the eye: The distinctive character of a sunny year combined with an early harvest has produced a very deep golden yellow hue. A luminous radiance, with persistent, ultra-fine bubbles.

On the nose: A noble, elegant expression and an extremely complex, vinous impact on the nose (candied citrus fruit, crushed hazelnut and almond, mild tobacco). Develops with a resplendently honeyed expansiveness featuring nuts and oriental spices.

On the palate: An ample texture with the patina of oak ageing and hints of yellow fruit in syrup (Williams pear and fresh quince) and panettone. A richness overflowing with flavors (roasted pineapple, puffed buckwheat and precious woods). The generosity of this wine transports the finish to rooty, mineral realms, with an attractive saline character.


This rare vintage of unique, monumental character will consist of no more than 1000 bottles. When served at cellar temperature (12/14°), this microcuvée will surprise your palate when served with a rodfished bass, shellfish and Ossetra caviar.

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