Charles Heidsieck 'La Collection Crayeres' 1985 in Gift Box


Paying homage to his historic cellars, Charles Heidsieck unveils its greatest treasure to œnophiles through a Collection called “Crayères”. Just like an old tome where every page recounts dazzling quests, an œnothèque of staggering vintages is to be revealed in a first edition of five incredible cuvées.

Time, like a “fourth varietal”, has crafted the soul of the wines in the Crayères Collection. Extended ageing on lees has unlocked the full potential of their aromas. Each vintage has its own signature, its own generous tone. Rooted in the highest standards and precise construction, all promise to deliver a harmonious combination of flavors.

Selectively released, whosoever is lucky enough to enjoy these precious jewels can boast of experiencing the dream of traveling through time.


On the eye: Scintillating and radiant, with a beautiful, sustained gold tint.

On the nose: A revealing bouquet of dried flowers, then more powerful aromas of crystalized fruit, toasted hazelnuts and powerful dried apricots combined with nuance of brioche.

On the palate: A remarkably open palate with flavors of almond and hazelnut. The texture of Champagne Charlie 1985 evokes the firm flesh and aromas of dried figs. This is a welcoming wine, revealing bright acidity with balanced freshness that belies the wine's age.

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