Collet Extra Brut


Collet Extra Brut is a remarkably poised champagne given that there is minimal sugar-dosage added after disgorgement, it is a true reflection of its original terroirs and grape varietals.

40% Chardonnay adding elegance and finesse. 40% Pinot Noir providing balance and structure. 20% Pinot Meunier imparting fresh and fruity flavors.


On the eye: Bright in appearance with pale golden hues.

On the nose: Fresh and vibrant leading to attractive citrus notes and a suggestion of salinity.

On the palate: Rare and elegant minerality displaying complex fruit aromas and profound balance. 


For those acquainted and yet to be, Collet Extra Brut is the superlative aperitif Champagne and is the essential pairing to oysters and caviar.

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