Gosset Grand Millesime Brut 2006


Gosset Grand Millesime 2006 is a heady mix of complexity, richness and freshness.


On the eye: Pale yellow color with green tints, typical of the Chardonnay. Fine, abundant and persistent effervescence with a light but sustained ribbon.

On the nose: An elegant bouquet where the aromatic finesse is revealed on the palate with notes of citrus and vanilla.

On the palate: The mouth is frank, delicate and complex, offering mineral notes, aromas of green apple, citrus fruits, fresh pineapple, combined with floral notes and summer honey. A champagne that offers finesse, complexity and precision.


Can be enjoyed as an aperitif or all over the meal. It's an ideal pairing with sea or freshwater fish (Jon Dory, sea-bream, pickeperch etc.) and small game birds or white meat. Fresh or slightly matured goat's cheese is also an ideal accompaniment with this vintage.

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