Grandin Brut Rose


Faithful to the work of Henri Grandin, and with respect to tradition, Grandin is made using the Traditional (Champagne) Method. After the first fermentation, the base wines are assembled in the unique style of Grandin.

Grandin Rose is a blend of Gamay, Cabernet Franc de la Loire, Airen and Cot . The proportion of each grape variety changes each year to maintain the House style.


On the eye: A fine intense Rose color with tiny bubbles.

On the nose: Expressive aromas of small red berry fruit (strawberry).

On the palate: Very elegant, refreshing and well-structured. Good length of taste with persistent aromas of rose and peony.


To be enjoyed as an aperitif with canapes and appetizers. Also perfect to accompany not-so-sweet desserts.

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