Jacquart Brut Rose

Jacquart's “Brut Mosaique in pink” has all the hallmark Chardonnay finesse (35%- 40%), rounded out by the ripeness of the Pinot Meunier (25%-30%) and the structure of the Pinot Noir, of which 15%-1 8% is vinified as red wine.
On the eye: Delicate bubbles wrapped in intense salmon pink.
On the nose: Red berry-fruit aromas (ripe redcurrants, cherries, wild strawberries) give way to notes of plum.
On the palate: Fresh and full. Fine finish with surprising notes of peach and apricot.
With afternoon tea... at a private view...to celebrate a proposal... or toast a new arrival. Excellent with finely spiced or sweet and sour dishes.
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