JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset Brut Rose No. 69


For Jean-Charles Boisset, the dry rose No 69 sparkling wine is not a dainty pink thing. It's a flamboyant, profound mouthful of serious bubbles. The vibrant crispness of No. 69 is thirst quenching. Yet the flavors, evocative of Pinot Noir, are beautifully sensual.



On the nose: Vibrant aromas of raspberry and red currant evolve into aromatic jammy notes

On the palate: N° 69 is a seductively light and refreshing rose. This wine is tender in the mouth with crisp flavors



Meats and Fish: Grilled Shrimp or Wild Salmon

Grains: Italian Frittatas and French Quiches

Desserts: Double Chocolate Brownies

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