Krug Vintage Brut 1998 in Gift Box


The fourth and last Krug Vintage of the 1990s (with 1990, 1995 and 1996). For the House of Krug, choosing to create Krug 1998 proved obvious and it was rapidly named “Hommage au Chardonnay” (Tribute to Chardonnay).


Krug 1998 has astonishing purity, precision, elegance and extreme length. The last Krug Vintage of the 1990s, it is also the second of all Krug Vintages where Chardonnay dominates. The first was 1981. Together with Krug’s other cuvees, it has made Krug the world’s best-rated Champagne for years. Like all Krug Champagnes, it can age beautifully.


On the eye: Deep light golden color announcing this unique contrast between freshness and maturity.

On the nose: Expressive aromas of bread, hazelnuts, dried fruit, caramelized orange peel, then cocoa as it warms up, and finally pepper and gingerbread.

On the palate: Flavors of crystallized citrus fruits, caramelized orange peel, dried fruits, pepper and gingerbread, with a soft, creamy texture.


Fish with fine flesh such as sea bass or turbot accompanied by lemon sauces or citrus fruits, as well as spicy or exotic dishes (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai), with crystallized ginger and other spices.

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