Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2012


Every Grand Vintage is unique and original. The Cellar Master’s free, personal interpretation in service of revealing the exceptional personality of singular vintage years.

Grand Vintage 2012, the House’s 74th vintage stands out for its maturity, complexity and charisma. Grand Vintage 2012 is evocative of the transition from spring to summer, a certain gentleness accompanied by freshness and harmony.


2012 was an unprecedented year in the annals of winemaking. So many trials and tribulations and yet such promising results. Nature treated the vineyards to almost every form of meteorological disaster. Frost in winter, frost in early spring, frost in late spring, torrential rains, hailstorms, a cold spell during flowering and, finally, scalding heat and water shortages in late summer all put the vines and vintners to the test. Nevertheless, thanks to a reversal of fortune that could only happen in Champagne, one month later there was talk of this being one of the great vintages!


On the eye: Pale bright yellow, green reflections, a fine, persistent bead.

On the nose: A fresh bouquet: the first hints of fresh white flowers evolve toward notes of pastry, sweet and blond, punctuated with nuances of fresh walnut, hazelnut and rusk. In accompaniment are notes of crisp, just-ripe fruits, with aromas of pear, white peach and nectarine.

On the palate: A harmonious palate: the first impression is harmonious, supple and fluid. Then the texture unfolds, as soft as cashmere. The initial sweetness gradually gives way to a more acidic structure which extends and persists to create a final note of tanginess with a hint of iodine underscored by an appetizing nuance of pink grapefruit.

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