Taittinger Collection 2008 by Sebastiao Salgado


Born in 1944 in Brazil, Sebastiao Salgado grew up surrounded by nature on his parents' farm. He left to study economics in Vitoria and spent years traveling the world for his work. At the age of 20, Sebastiao decided to put his career as an economist on hold and devote himself to photography. Life seemed to have more meaning from behind the viewfinder. Patiently, he observed the Earth and its inhabitants. His photographs reflect a tremendous tenderness. He does not judge. He simply presents what he sees. His black and white images with baroque lighting awaken our conscience.

The work selected by Sebastiao for this bottle, a Leopard in the Barab River Valley in Damaraland, comes from his GENESIS, a tribute to the planet and life on Earth.


Beautifully intense floral aromas, with traces of honeysuckle, raisins, hot, honeyed fruits and greengage plums.

Fresh, unctuous and supple flavors help the wine's balance and richness.

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