Pommery Royal Blue Sky


While we owe the creation of Brut in 1874 to Pommery, we also owe the creation of Pop in 1999 to it. Hence it is absolutely legitimate for cellar master Thierry Gasco to start working on a more contemporary vision of the tasting of a Pommery champagne. A new universe, open to experiences, ready to choose its consumption habits for this behavior.

Royal Blue Sky is a new freedom, the freedom of the Pommery spirit, unconventional but genuine.


On the eye: It is important to start by looking at the beauty of this wine, which opens itself up with a nice pale yellow color and a stunning effect, which attracts the eye and captures it. You are quickly hypnotised by this wine that you want to discover as soon as possible.

On the nose: In the first nose we perceive notes of dry figs, dried almonds. Then with a second nose, we find touches of almond paste, millefeuille, marshmallow, honey, whilst all the flavors blend with simplicity and elegance with lemony and dried orange notes, all punctuated by several hints of spices.

On the palate: You perceive all the descriptors already identified by the nose, but everything is expressed in a silky and fat universe. Now and then, along with a little agitation, you will be surprised to discover notes of rather ripe mangoes, but also bitter orange jam associated with flavors of white vermouth, through its fresh and spicy side. The wine has a very nice length on the palate and its final remains very pleasant and marked by great freshness.

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