Petit & Bajan

Domaine Petit & Bajan crafts “grower” Champagne, a récoltant-manipulant house that grows its own grapes and makes its own wine all on site. This qualitative difference is crucial for those seeking the ultimate in Champagne flavor and character.

The estate’s vineyards are split between the Côte des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims, with just over two acres of Chardonnay vines in Avize, Cramant and Oger, and five acres of Pinot Noir in Verzenay. All vineyards are rated grand cru and are cared for sustainably.

Crucially, the estate aims to harvest only perfectly ripe fruit, resulting in many local growers finishing the harvest before they even start. (A telling anecdote from the couple: most years, the very last two winemakers to finish the harvest in Avize are Richard Petit and Anselme Selosse.) Grapes are harvested by hand, and sorted in the fields and cellar.

Grapes are pressed in a traditional, upright wooden press in small batches, immediately after harvesting. Juice is settled naturally, and fermented on selected yeasts. Malolactic conversion is allowed. Wines are aged in bottle for a minimum of three years. Dosage as a rule is low, no more than 3 grams/L for all Champagnes.