Deutz 'Amour de Deutz' 2011 in Gift Box


Inspired by the bronze cherub from which it derives its name, Amour de Deutz is a rare and outstanding cuvée. It needs the Champagne fairies to light up the year’s skies and wave their magic wand over the cradle of the Chardonnay to ensure that, once pressed, vinified and blended with heart and passion, the alchemy of the terroirs gives birth to the Harmony that is synonymous with Love. Amour de Deutz is a subtle, delicate and enchanting wine with a seductively pure and pristine appearance.


On the eye: This champagne displays a shimmering, delicate pink-gold hue. The effervescence is fine, lively and steady and the ring of mousse, vibrant and joyful.

On the nose: It is particularly elegant and ethereal on the nose, releasing delicate notes of white flowers mingled with delicious aromas of nectarine and Mirabelle plum.

On the palate: Clean and silky on entry to the palate, fulfilling the promise of the nose, this champagne is the quintessence of Amour de Deutz. It's aromatic score is wonderfully melodious with all its floral, fruity and mineral notes in perfect harmony.


Amour de Deutz makes a sumptuous aperitif.

It will pair very nicely with delicate, subtle foods, such as lobster, sea bass or halibut.

Dishes such as caviar, sushi, sashimi, and carpaccios of tuna or Kobe beef, should be served simply, seasoned with a little olive oil or accompanied by a light or succulent sauce. The champagne will complement, and even magnify, their flavors.

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