Pommery Cuvee Louise Brut 2005 in Gift Box


2005 aka the year of stillness. All the ingredients required for an excellent vintage were present, leading to Cuvée Louise. Having taken the time to choose the best plots, having waited patiently before going to harvest, having picked only the finest bunches and selected only the purest pressed juices, we managed to perfectly unleash the potential of this vintage. Cuvée Louise 2005 is the quintessence of Pommery’s style.


On the eye: This wine offers exceptional clarity and brilliance. The bubbles are refined and delicate.

On the nose: The words ‘delicacy’ and ‘elegance’ instantly come to mind. This phenomenally fine wine opens with floral aromas of lime tree and hawthorn followed by fruity notes of peach and pear. The buttery character is then revealed with finesse. A few seconds later, spicy notes of vanilla and toasted hazelnuts add complexity to this delicate nose.

On the palate: The attack is bold, perfectly balanced and supremely smooth. Its incredible harmony and minerality take us on a dreamlike experience in which we rediscover the aromas found in the nose as they perfectly blend together. The wine is then enhanced by its soft finish. Through unique flavor and delicate bitterness, which give the cuvée its final depth, we are reminded of the signature of the vintage.


Thanks to its complexity and structure, Cuvée Louise 2005 can be paired with a multitude of delicacies, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. It goes well with asparagus and mousseline sauce, or roast lobster with black truffles. This cuvée is also a perfect match for steamed turbot accompanied by oyster mushrooms.

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