Francis Orban Extra Brut Rose (100% Pinot Meunier)


From a very early age, Francis Orban knew he’d follow in the family tradition of tending Pinot Meunier vines on the sandy, clay-rich soils of the Marne Valley. Too long seen as “just” a blending grape in other Champagne regions, Pinot Meunier has pride of place here. Nearly 90% of Francis’ vineyards are dedicated to this singular grape, as it is in the Marne where Pinot Meunier reaches its full potential. Above all, when allowed to shine as a single-varietal Champagne, Pinot Meunier delivers a vinous wine full of fresh fruit and lightly spiced with notes of vanilla and pepper. Full-bodied, vivacious and pure, it is a Champagne for true gourmands, who appreciate its flexibility at the table.


On the nose: Aromas of red currant, watermelon, wild strawberry, spring flowers.

On the palate: Fresh, bright and perfectly balanced; red fruits and citrus, light brioche, spice.


As an aperitif; with air-cured meats or terrines

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