Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut


Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut is Champagne in its most natural form. In 1980, Laurent-Perrier reintroduced the traditional Champagne concept of brut nature, a non-dosage Champagne that requires considerable know-how to the craft. Its style appeals to a growing number of wine lovers who discover with it many new ways of pairing food with Champagne. 

With nearly equal parts of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Ultra Brut is made exclusively with grapes from very ripe harvests. Selection is rigorous to ensure that only grapes with both high sugar levels and low acidity are used.  This is essential as there is no dosage added


On the eye: Limpid, bright yellow with a fine bead

On the nose: Intense and forward, with citrus and honeysuckle notes and a unique mineral component, oftentimes likened to a fresh sea breeze

On the palate: Surprising depth and power, with a purity and concentration of flavor all its own. Amazingly well balanced and absolutely bone dry


A very versatile Champagne, Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut matches well with everything from fresh goat cheese to sushi. The classic and unparalleled food pairing is with oysters

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