Louis Roederer Collection 244 (375ml Half Bottle)


Driven by a new ambition and freedom, Champagne Louis Roederer is writing the next chapter of its story with the creation of Collection. As the House practices a sustainable viticulture that respects the living environment in order to fully express the qualities of the terroir, it also anticipates future seasons while adapting to the present. As such, an uninhibited and bold approach was the only way Champagne Louis Roederer could take its perpetual quest for excellence to the next level—and create a worthy successor to Brut Premier.

Each Collection blend has its own identity which will gradually and fully reveal itself over time. The Collection number will allow champagne lovers, like collectors, to choose their champagne according to their preferred degree of youth or maturity.


The dry, continental year of 2019 broke all previous temperature records in a succession of scorching heatwaves! Moderate yields and magnificent maturity resulted in wines that were dense and fresh. The harvest took place from September 10th to the 21st.


On the eye: Lovely golden yellow, very champagne-like, hue. Dense and steady flow of extremely fine bubbles.

On the nose: Deep, broad bouquet of ripe fruit (wild peaches, williams pears) combined with citrus (lemons, blood oranges). The iodised and smoky notes, associated with the autolysis and the aging in wood, add aromatic freshness. Then come notes of chalk and a hint of reduction, suggesting that the wine will be concentrated and powerful.

On the palate: The entry to the palate is delicious showing a rich and robust texture. We have a very juicy and concentrated sensation as if we were biting into a ripe fruit. The substance is caressingly soft, coating the palate but is then immediately lightened by the delicate bubbles. The length is created by a lovely backbone of chalky freshness. The wine is both delectably rich, with a slightly roasted character, and super fresh thanks to a salivating finish. The smoky notes then take over to underpin a very flavorsome finish.


Varietals: 41% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir, 26% Pinot Meunier

Appellation: 1/3 "La Rivière" vineyards, 1/3 "La Montagne" vineyards, 1/3 "La Côte" vineyards

244th BLEND

2019 vintage: 54%

Perpetual Reserve: 31% (2012-2018)

Reserved wine aged in oak: 10% (2012-2018)

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