Maison Mumm RSRV Cuvee 4.5


RSRV Cuvée 4.5 is a unique blend of five of Maison Mumm’s Grand Cru terroirs. Produced in limited quantities, this champagne ages for a minimum of four years in the cellars before it is ready to be enjoyed.


On the eye: The color is yellow with golden highlights, light and delicate bubbles.

On the nose: The wine is complex, greedy and rich. The first nose is expressed on fresh notes of yellow and white fruits.

On the palate: It opens with fruit marmalade, honey, nougat and vanilla, as well as a hint of roast and mocha. The palate is frank and lively, then gives way to the roundness that settles gradually.


The elegance and complexity of the Cuvée 4.5 gives it the versatility to pair well with Mediterranean seafood with a creamy sauces or lamb with chanterelle mushrooms.

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