Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut (3L Jeroboam)


The flagship of Moet & Chandon, Moet Imperial is the most accomplished and universal expression of its style. It reflects the diversity and complementarities of the three champagne grapes and the richness of the region's best vineyards to reveal the magic of the world's most loved champagne.

Moet Imperial is an extremely accomplished assemblage of the most diverse selection of crus in Champagne, with a predominance of Pinot Noir (45% to 50%), for intensity and structure, elegantly complemented with Pinot Meunier (35% to 40%) and with Chardonnay (10% to 20%) for freshness.

The use of 30% of carefully selected reserve wines completes the assemblage and enhances its harmony, complexity and consistency.


The color is an elegant golden straw yellow with amber highlights. Its aromas reveal an exotic fruitiness – yellow peach, plum, pineapple and honey – with floral nuances (lime blossom) and elegant blond notes (brioche and fresh nuts). The palate is seductive and generous, combining intensity with roundness, fullness with suppleness, followed by a lively crisp finish to reveal the magical balance of champagne.


Moet Imperial can be served as a prelude to dinner and all the way through to dessert. It is perfect with sushi and dumplings, shellfish and fish in light sauces, poached, roasted, or lightly sauced white meats, and fresh fruit salads that are not too sweet.

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