Pommery Cuvee Louise Brut Nature 2006


A daring creation ! Cuvée Louise Nature is the purest and most authentic expression of the great terroirs which make it up. It is reserved for the most exceptional vintages which permit a refined vision of Louise with their richness, and their perfect harmony. With its minerality and its incomparable flavors, Cuvée Louise Nature 2006 is a confidential cuvée in which Nature has different meanings: from its first meaning derived from the absence of dosage to the more spiritual connotation of a link to the terroir and hence nature.


On the eye: A magnificent deep golden color with an incomparable brilliance.

On the nose: The first nose is floral, creamy. These delicate notes revolve around aromas of quince paste and candied mirabelle. We are struck by the generosity of the 2006 vintage with its toasted and brioche notes.

On the palate: The attack is perfectly frank. The finish, so particular to Louise Nature, reveals a subtle bitterness with notes of citron zest of an incredible delicacy.


An ideal cuvée with salmon tartare with citrus fruits, pan-fried foie gras with fleur de sel from Guérande or a few macaroons with almonds and candied citrus fruits.

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