Saint-Chamant 'Brut Integral' Blanc de Blancs 2010


Founded in 1930 by Pierre and Hélène Coquillette intended to be a more premier label counterpart to their Pierre Coquillette label. No one is quite sure when they first started bottling their own wines, but we do know that they were already showing the Pierre labeled wines at a fair in 1928 in Paris. In 1950 the Saint-Chamant estate was taken over by Pierre & Hélène’s son, Christian. Although the vast majority of their vines are located in Chouilly, the estate itself is based just to the west in Épernay, It is a somewhat unassuming looking estate from the outside but it houses over a mile-long collection of cellars that date back 500+ years.

Saint-Chamant is a Chardonnay specialist, over 90% of their holdings are planted to Chardonnay with the remainder of their vines being planted to Pinot Meunier. Only a portion of their vines are in their home village of Épernay, the vast majority are located just to the east in Chouilly. They have just over 28 acres of vineyards in total.

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