Waris-Hubert Lilyale


When whiteness is pure and sharp it is called lily white. With no dosage, Lilyale is the plain mirror of the Grand Cru terroirs of Côte des Blancs.


On the eye: Pale golden color with intense glints of emerald green. Fine and lively effervescence; lasting beads of bubbles.

On the nose: The aromas are elegant and expressive with a floral and springlike tone. Notes of lime blossom, mint and freshly mown grass develop, which evolve to white fruit and fresh Mirabelle plum. The scent of Viennese pastries and brioche fill the senses.

On the palate: Full, with a rich attack. Firm and powerful. Dense in the evolution phase with lively lemon flavors, complimented by minerality and hints of wild citrus fruits. It’s the purity, and elegance of the chardonnay grand cru of the Côte des Blancs. Elegant and expressive.


Varietals: 100% Chardonnay

Appellation: Grand Cru terroirs of Côte des Blancs

Aging: 3 years

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