Ayala Rose Majeur


Rose Majeur is the perfect embodiment of the originality and finesse of the House’s wines. Made predominantly from Chardonnay it is crafted with the addition of a small proportion of Pinot Noir from the best crus of the Montagne de Reims. A low dosage enables it to express the House style, both feminine and generous, with great elegance.



Color: Pale, with a delicate pink hue.

Nose: Charming, generous and open. Reveals aromas of red berries (strawberries, raspberries) and vine peaches.

Palate: Light yet expressive. Shows great freshness, due to the high proportion of Chardonnay in the blend. Notes of red gooseberries and raspberries, with a lengthy and voluptuous finish.



At ease with food, Rose Majeur will be the perfect companion for salmon fillet cooked rare, lamb chops or a red berry tart.

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