Bollinger PN TX17


A predominant grape across the range, Pinot Noir is the pillar of the Bollinger style, and the House has forged its reputation by showcasing this variety. Bollinger PN embodies the ambition to bring to light the variety of expressions of pinot noir by selecting the finest varietal from several terroirs, each contributing a unique component to the overall taste.

This new PN TX17 edition explores the unique interpretation of Pinot Noir from Tauxières 2017.


While PN is a non-vintage, 50% of the fruit comes from 2017. For Champagne Bollinger, 2017, was an unusual and unexpected year. Unusual, because the first half was especially hot and dry, meaning the vine was 1-2 weeks ahead of its usual timing. The peak heat that usually comes in August came in July, while August sharply bucked the trend with high rainfall and much colder weather than usual. Finally, it was unusual in that the famous September “Champagne miracle” (ideal conditions just before harvest, with sunny days, cool nights and a dry wind) did not happen: the nights stayed very mild (sometimes over 20°C at sunrise), the mornings humid and the afternoons very warm. All these factors promote fast maturation. Nevertheless, this year is a source of pride, because in this unusual situation, Champagne Bollinger very quickly made the right adjustment. The maturity of the Champagne is very much there, the acidity is nicely framed by the richness of the wines.


On the eye: Delicate golden hues.

On the nose: Notes of dried flowers, joined by aromas of tobacco and mocha. Licorice and dried fruit round off these sophisticated, subtle and complex aromas.

On the palate: A very fruity, lively facet with notes of cooked apricot, peach and exotic fruit, followed by flavors of acacia honey, fresh walnut and spices. A wonderful salinity complements the acidity of the wine. It finishes on red fruit, crème de cassis and surprising notes of citrus zest. A lively, linear wine with great clarity and in contrast with the nose.


Tomme des Ardennes cheese, millefeuille, tonka bean-infused chutney. Roast quail, dried apricots and honey-lemon sauce. Chaource cheese


Varietals: 100% Pinot Noir

Appellation: The fruit is predominantly sourced from Tauxières. Pinot Noir fruit from Avenay, Verzenay were added to PN TX17 to add aromatic synergy and complexity.

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